Serendipity Arts Festival, on the banks of river Mandovi, has been envisioned as a space which brings together the visual, performing, and culinary arts. Taking place in December when Goa is buzzing with activity, featuring more than 40 commissioned projects, this festival has something for everyone.

Curated by a panel of artists and institutional figures, this year’s festival will be the first edition in a long-term cultural project that hopes to affect positive change in the arts in India on a large scale. The selection of curators, the festival structure, and the programming represent a sincere effort to address the creative needs, aspirations and potential of contemporary India.

Rather than just being a showcase of great Indian art, this festival is a cultural experiment that hopes to, over time, affect the way Indians interact with art on a daily basis by addressing issues such as arts education, patronage culture, interdisciplinary discourse, and accessibility of the arts. An intensive, exciting program of exhibitions and performances spanning music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and culinary arts, will be augmented by spaces for social and educational engagement.

Practitioners and audiences will be able to interact with the arts and with each other on a number of levels, in an immersive space that seeks to create discursive opportunities, promote the exchanging of ideas, and inspire the youth of India to access and engage with arts on a greater level.