The Young Subcontinent

Venue The Adil Shah Palace

Curated by Riyas Komu, the Young Subcontinent project attempts to remediate the scattered political boundaries across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Maldives after the colonial encounter. The tyranny of maps have kept people guarded of each other, every contestation of official history is read as seditious dissent. Yet, the ancestral bonds embedded in the civilisational memory of these 1.6 billion people of diverse nationalities have not been completely ruffled.

This project will bring together young artists from the above countries through a framework of workshops, residencies and exhibitions, with the intention of creating art including paintings, sculptures, installations etc., exploring shared histories. The Young Subcontinent project nurtures and nourishes new expressions in the hope to extend patronage to artists and cultural activists who have the potential to cogently represent the flux of their times.

The Young Subcontinent Artists include:
Jeanno Gaussi, Afghanistan
Zainab Haidary, Afghanistan
Farzana Urmi, Bangladesh
Anuradha Upadhayay, India
Aman Wadhan, India
Anupama Alias, India
K L Leon, India
Kedar Dhondu, India
Parag Sonarghare, India
Saju Kunhan, India
Shrimanti Saha, India
Teja Gavankar, India
Kabi Raj Lama, Nepal
Kishor Kayastha, Nepal
Mekh Limbu, Nepal
Abdul Halik Azeez, Sri Lanka
Isuru Kumarasinghe, Sri Lanka
S P Pushpakanthan, Sri Lanka
Susiman Nirmalavasan, Sri Lanka

  • Visual Arts