Terra Cognita? : 3 Moments in the history of the Graphic Image in India, 1556-2016

Venue The Adil Shah Palace

The exhibition has been conceptualised as an archive installation. The focus of this project will be the mutual gaze of coloniser and colonised, foreigner and native, ethnographic observer and subject of ethnographic scrutiny, artist and technician, demonstrating the blurring of such conceptual binaries across a period of nearly five centuries. Importantly, the gesture of this archive installation is not pedagogic but expressive: the images and texts that comprise the mise-en-scene are not evidentiary material, and will not be attended by strict commentary.

Terra Cognita? will draw on three collections: the Swaraj Art Archive, Delhi Capital Region; the Pheroza & Jamshyd Godrej/ Cymroza Collection, Bombay; and the Kalakriti Foundation Collection, Hyderabad.

  • Visual Arts