Serendipity Street

Venue Jardim Garcia d’Orta

For many the “streets”, the public spaces where our shared lives unfold and our personal trajectories converge, provide those first avenues for visual exploration, cultural documentation, or simply the pursuit of beauty. On the street, the photographer must open up to the idea of chance – significance emerges from seemingly insignificant moments as one stumbles upon striking imagery and narratives in the most unlikely places. These moments of serendipity offer a window into contemporary culture that can be free of political framing and prejudice, bringing our attention back to the image itself and the moment it was taken. The imagery of street photography can simultaneously capture both the most intimate sentiments and the most universal ones.

Serendipity Street will showcase at least 40 works from around the world. These photographs will open up a cosmos of beautiful imagery, ephemeral stories and philosophical thought.

  • Visual Arts