In Memory Of…

Venue The Adil Shah Palace

Earlier the Altar and the Devaro in Goan homes was a formal space for worship. With the advent of the printed image we began seeing portraits of gods and departed elders sharing space with the deities in these formal spaces. And as society modernized and living spaces changed, the Altar and the Devaro metamorphosed into a Remembrance or Memory Wall, entering into our halls, bedrooms and commercial establishments.
Today the Remembrance Wall is no longer hallowed space for the gods and the departed but also a space to celebrate and cherish the living.
Working as a photojournalist allows me to witness the lives of ordinary people closely. Much of my photography is about photographing people to try and capture their emotions and reactions. But when I began photographing the Remembrance Walls in Goan homes I realized how the each person / family, poor or rich, city-dweller or villager, irrespective of religion, all imparted their own identity to these ‘inanimate’ walls. These walls are actually portraits of the people who live in these homes – This is who they are!
About the Artist
Rajtilak Naik (born 1980) is an award-winning photographer who has carved a niche for himself as a visual reporter over the years. He has worked as a photojournalist for several dailies in the state of Goa starting with Pudhari in 2003, Sunaparant (Goa’s first Konkani newspaper) and The Navhind Times. He also contributed to leading international and national photo agencies and publications. He takes active part in propagating photojournalism and photography in schools, colleges and institutions in the state of Goa. He is presently working as the Chief Photographer for The Times of India, Goa Edition.

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