A Tale of Two Cities

Venue The Adil Shah Palace

Conceived by Renu Modi in collaboration with Teertha and programmed by Serendipity Arts Trust, the art project, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ facilitates established artists of two countries, India and Sri Lanka, to engage in an investigative and research based art-making process together relooking at the socio-cultural and historical dynamics of two cities, Varanasi and Anuradhapura.

Both Varanasi(Banaras) and Anuradhapura are imbued with deep histories going back to ancient times intertwined with religious and spiritual beliefs and myths, making their contemporary existence loaded with symbolic significance of spirituality, power and religiosity.

Participating artists:

Riyas Komu | Manisha Parekh |Ram Rahman | Paula Sengupta | Chintan Upadhyay |Manjunath Kamath

Sri Lanka
Jagath Weerasinghe | Anoli Perera |Pala Pothupitiye |Pradeep Chandrasiri |Bandu Manamperi

Curatorial Advisor
Ruhanie Perera

  • Visual Arts