Food & Beverages Workshop | Mixology by Bar-Back Collective

Venue Old GMC Complex and Courtyard

Course: The Know and How of Infusions
Capacity: 30 registrations
Course Outline:

  • Shrubs
  • Infusion
  • Rapid Infusion

The Know and How of Infusions
We start with giving out a basic of mixology, different styles and trends with a small brief on how infusion is an integral part of any cocktail menu around. (Minutes 1-10)
We would be creating 3 drinks by 3 different methods of infusions using the same ingredient ‘coffee’ to showcase how methodology changes the final product.

a) Shrubs – Shrub refers to a cocktail or soft beverage that was popular during the Colonial era. Made by mixing a vinegared syrup with spirits, water, or carbonated water. We brief on how to make a shrub and teach our signature “Shrub and Tonic” drink which can be created in both alcoholic and non alcoholic variations. (Minutes 11-30)

b) Infusion – We would showcase a cocktail made by a coffee infused base spirit. This section would also cover how concocting of liquers is done. On how Steeping and extraction of flavors in different spirits is done differently. (Minutes 31-45)

c) Rapid Infusion – Our final drink would be created by using a siphon (vacuum) infused coffee spirit. This would cover on what ingredients need to be rapid infused and why, when is this method of infusion used. This section would also cover a brief on ‘Fat Infusion’ and its usage. (Minutes 45-55)

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