Food & Beverages Workshop | Bringing the hills to the coast

Venue Old GMC Complex and Courtyard

Day 1 (16 Dec): Doh Thad Sdieh (Wood smoked Pork Saute) and Jamyrdoh Khleh (Chameleon plant/Fish mint Chutney)
Khasi hills are known for producing some of the best smoked pork available in the country. The meat is smoked in long cuts in households over the wood fired stove where it gets dehydrated and preserved the natural way, soaking up the woody smokey flavours.
Chameleon plant/Fish mint grows in the northeastern parts of the country where the soil is wet and moist and there’s partial or full sunlight available. The roots and the leaves are used in salads, chutneys and in some instances curries. We’ll we preparing a traditional Khasi Chutney using the tender roots of this plant.
Day 2 (17 Dec): Soh baingon dieng ( Roasted Tree Tomato/Tamarillo salad) and Dohneiiong (Fresh Pork slow cooked with black sesame)
Tree tomatoes/Tamarillos are egg shaped fruits found in the northeastern hills in India. This fruit is also grown in the Andes, Nepal and Bhutan. We’re going to prepare a chutney with roasted Tamarillos.
Dohneiiong is one of our most popular recipes. A favorite at local Jadoh stalls (Dhaba style small roadside eateries) as well, the recipe uses no spices and derives it’s subtle flavour from the pairing of Pork with sesame.
Day 3 (18 Dec): Kumaoni Bhang Chutney (Hemp seeds Chutney), Pashor Kait Khleh ( Banana Flower Chutney made with Perilla seeds) and Kumaoni Churkani (Tangy Black beans/Horsegram curry)
Kumaoni cuisine uses Hemp seeds in a lot of recipes, the seeds are roasted and used in Chutneys and also ground and used for thickening curries. We’ll be preparing a Chutney with Hemp seeds, beans, mint and a host of other ingredients.
Perilla is a herb from the mint family and the seeds are used for making Dips and Chutneys. We’ll be preparing a Khasi Banana Flower Chutney using Perilla seeds.
Churdkaani is a kumaoni version of tangy lentil curry eaten with rice. The Churdkaani is traditionally prepared with Bhatt (Black Beans) or Gahad (Horsegram) and is a local favourite during winters.
Day 4 (19 Dec): Assamese Style Ou Tenga (Elephant Apple) Chutney with Pas Phoṛôn, Kumaoni Daal with Jumboo and Alu Gutka
Assamese cuisine uses a variety of wild tangy fuits and one of them is Elephant apple. We’ll be preparing a sweet and sour Chutney using assamese Five spice blend/Pas Phoṛôn and Elephant Apples.
Jumboo is an alpine herb that grows only in higher altitude himalayas (>2500-3000 m), this chive like herb is dried and used extensively in Kumaoni cuisine. We’ll be preparing a simple kumaoni daal tempered with Jumboo and ghee and Alu gutka – potatoes sauted in Mustard oil with Jumboo.

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