Collector’s Conclave

Venue The Adil Shah Palace

This discourse was designed keeping in mind the idea of archives, conservation and preservation of our culture and history. It will address the need for patronage and its possibility of affecting change. It is necessary to provide young practitioners of art the opportunity to follow their creative expressions. This gives them the ability to better their lives and those around them.

The Art of Patronage; 10 am – 10.50 am
From private collecting to institutional patronage, this panel intends to examine the structures of patronage that are crucial for the cultivation of artists and art initiatives in India. The discussion will explore the historical evolution of patronage models in India, encourage critique and reflection on contemporary practices and determine the need for change moving forward.

The Modern Sub-Continent; 11.05 am – 12 noon
The shared and complex histories of the countries that make up the subcontinent are articulated through the works of their artists. Key participants in this discourse convene to explore the artistic possibilities, both theoretical and commercial, of an art scene that transcends borders and connects the region. Particular focus will fall on the role of the collector and the patron in enabling this cross-border discourse.

Beyond Price; 12 noon – 1 pm
A discussion on the ethics and obligations that accompany valuation and market building in the Indian art world. Collectors, dealers, critics and institutional figures debate morality and sustainability in the pricing of Indian art.

Private Collection/Public Legacy; 2.15 pm – 3.05 pm
This discussion hinges on the concept of access. Is there a moral obligation to make private collections accessible to the public? What role can collectors play in shaping art education and cultural preservation by allowing such access?

Catching the Con; 3.10 pm – 4 pm
The largely unexplored realm of forgeries is thriving in India due to a lack of stringent guidelines and policy, thus allowing the market to be flooded with inauthentic works. Experts examine this issue from a variety of standpoints. Leading dealers, collectors and lawyers tackle issues surrounding authenticity in the Indian art market.

Building a Collection; 4.05 pm – 5.30 pm
An insight into the diverse realm of art collecting. Young collectors have the chance to interact with and learn from seasoned patrons. This session will examine collecting through the lens of investment, personal journey, and public projects.

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