Sandhi: The harmony of dance and music

Venue Kala Academy

This commissioned production would be a confluence of dance, music and literature. The collaboration between a classical dancer and a classical vocalist addresses a serious lacuna in the field of dance — the scarcity of creative dance music. Even though music is an integral part of dance, there is a growing absence of powerful dance music. The reason for this is the increasing chasm between dance and music, where the dancer is a seen as the primary figure whereas the musician is an accompanist. Consequently, many musicians restrain from being a part of dance productions since they feel it might diminish their image as a soloist. This collaborative work seeks to challenge this hierarchy. It would bring together accomplished dancers and vocalists and in some cases instrumentalists in some cases on the same platform to co-create the production with a selected text, where the musician composes and the dancer choreographs, both being equally significant aspects of the production. The production is true depiction of creative collaborations.

Ayona Bhaduri (Odissi) with Bhuvanesh Komkali (Hindustani Classical) and Srinibas Satapathy (flute)

The performances under this project are:-

  1. Shivasya Shivaa
  2. Confluence
  3. Anubhav
  4. Samudra – Mother Ocean
  • Performing Arts