The Serendipity Arts Festival, under the aegis of the Serendipity Arts Trust, seeks to create an immersive space that brings discursive opportunities, promotes the exchanging of ideas, and inspires the youth to access and engage with arts on a greater level. The idea was born out of the need for an earnest collaborative effort to bring the various isolated and fragmented arts communities of India together.

Our Focus Areas:

Promoting patronage of the arts

The arts cannot flourish without patronage. From our Collector’s Symposium to our innovative exhibition guides for newcomers to the arts, the festival aims to promote patronage at a variety of levels.

Creating a space for interdisciplinary exploration across the arts

Many of our featured exhibitions and performances, as well as the curatorial structure to the physical layout of the festival are designed to promote discourse across disciplines. The festival will be a space for the exchange of ideas, the erosion of categories, opening up endless new creative possibilities.

Being a driver for arts education

By directly engaging with educational institutions throughout the year, creating new initiatives at the festival, and bringing attention to this important conversation, the Festival is taking practical steps to address arts education in India.

Connecting young aspiring artists and students, and those who are simply curious, with the professional possibilities of the art world in India

There is an urgent need to provide pragmatic solutions for young practitioners looking to enter the arts. A number of networking events, mentorship programs and workshops will attend to these needs.

Crafting more engaging and interactive arts experiences

By presenting the arts in new formats and contexts, and by creating immersive spaces that prompt exploration and discovery, audiences at the Festival will experience the arts in new and exciting ways.

Connecting the Indian arts community with international discourses in art

The Festival will feature a number of projects that connect India with the international art world. Collaborations between Indian and international artists, projects featuring the Indian diaspora, and engagement with international institutions facilitate a global discourse relevant to contemporary India.

Exploring our history, our present, and future

Rather than being a historical survey, or a contemporary snapshot, the programming at the Festival will simultaneously explore our arts heritage, our contemporary landscape, and our future prospects.

Being inclusive and accessible in our creative process and content

The festival aims to be accessible to all audiences, without diluting content.